Peak Performance Session #3 – New Orleans

Just completed session 2 of our Peak Performance Series in Nashville and we are looking forward to session 3 in New Orleans. The Peak Performance Surgical Series is designed to work with surgeons in implementing procedures that allow for better patient care. Dental CE Solutions is happy to be working with some great surgeons in this program.

Peak Performance Session #2 – Nashville, TN

On September 23-24, 2017, Dental CE Solutions will hold their second series for the Peak Performance Series.

These programs are designed to enhance the Oral Surgeons, their referrals and Treatment Coordinators, both surgical and restorative, so that they can provide better patient care. These programs can also increase staff awareness and created a bond within these teams so that patient care can be seamless. The speakers for this session are Dr. Brent Boyse and Dr. Bruce Ouellette.

Dental CE Solutions held their first Peak Performance Surgical Continuum

On April 8-9, 2017, Dental CE Solutions held their first Peak Performance Surgical Continuum!

Our leaders in the discussion were Dr. Brent Boyse and Dr. Gary Morris.

We are excited to announce that it was a great meeting with clinicians who were eager to learn how other clinicians were running their practices. It was a meeting filled with sharing ideas and thoughts on how to treat patients and staff better, while creating an organized and well-run practice. Overall, it was 2 days of information, fun, and sharing of ideas.

We look forward to Session 2 in Nashville, TN.

Academy of Osseointegration

Dental CE Solutions is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting on March 15-18, 2017 in beautiful Orlando, FL.

Be sure to take advantage of the lecture and hands-on sessions being offered on March 15th.

Education = Team Concept/Practice Growth

Doc1For some dental clinicians, education is viewed as a necessary requirement, but for others, education is the gateway to practice growth. These clinicians experience practice growth through the education of their dental team. By instituting a series of educational programs, the team is involved to where they gain confidence in their field and provide better patient care. These are the building blocks of a great dental practice. For those looking to build a great team, contact Anne at for more information. We provide educational programs that build the team concept.

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