Our Sponsors

Kettenbach is an international company that develops and produces dental products and materials. Known as a specialist in dental impression solutions, Kettenback also offers a wide range of supplementary materials such as adhesives, disinfectants, tooth whitening products, and much more.

All Star Medical Billing works with the clinician to ensure that insurance claims are filed properly. They have the most up-to-date insurance coding for medical and dental claims so that your claims can be evaluated, sent to the insurance company and processed quickly. They take the work and worry out of insurance filing.

Our software streamlines the referral process between dental professionals by allowing dental professionals to complete the entire referral process at the click of a button. In one click, a dental office transfers all the necessary information to the receiving dentist Unlike other referral methods, that click gives the receiving office all of the information they could need.

If your organization would like to be a Dental CE Solutions sponsor, please contact Anne at anne@dentalcesolutions.com.
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